Oliver Papp

Professional masseuse

Swedish massage

A Swedish massage that relaxes the back, shoulders and neck. If you experience problems in other regions, more attention will be paid to them.

30 min for members - €15
60 min – €25
90 min – €30

The massage improves blood and lymph circulation and metabolism, it strengthens the immune system and decreases muscle tension and stress. The massage has a relaxing effect in cases of mental and physical overpressure and, therefore, it affects the organism directly and indirectly.

Sports massage

60 min - €25
90 min - €30  

The sports massage is a complex set of special measures which increase sports performance, prepare the sportsman for active muscle work and accelerate the recovery processes.

This massage service is available only in the Gymleco Sports Club at Teaduspargi 6/1.
Appointment should be made with Oliver Papp +372 56 496 572